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Green Air Care Group

Air Conditioning Buffalo Grove

100 Reviews
1606 Barclay Blvd Map
Route Buffalo Grove, IL   60089  
1606 Barclay Blvd, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089


Green Air Care Group can be found at 1606 Barclay Blvd . The following is offered: Air Conditioning, House Cleaning, Heating, Air Quality . In Buffalo Grove there are 8 other Air Conditioning. An overview can be found here.


100 Reviews , in average 5 Stars
  • Bryan C.
    wrote on

    (5) A plus point.

    The duct cleaning they did for us has been a successful one. I admire the professionalism of the team. They arrived on time and made sure that everything is in proper order. They are also courteous enough to answer any query we have. That is definitely a plus point.

  • Dan B.
    wrote on

    (5) They are professional and prompt.

    They provide nothing less but excellent service. You'll appreciate the service techs at this company. They are professional and prompt. Thank you once again for servicing our AC!

  • Anna S.
    wrote on

    (5) The service is professionally done.

    The service is professionally done and I am very glad that I hire them for it. I will definitely give my recommendation to you. Thank you once again for everything.

  • Richard R.
    wrote on

    (5) Thanks to your team!

    Larry, thanks to your team! My brand new Furnace works great!

  • Rick M.
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you guys for fixing my AC!

    Thank you guys for fixing my AC!

  • Oskar R.
    wrote on

    (5) Definitely Recommend!

    Thank you for fixing my AC! Definitely Recommend!

  • Nikolai G.
    wrote on

    (5) Probably best company that I've used so far.

    Probably best company that I've used so far. Definitely recommend.

  • Svetlana N.
    wrote on

    (5) I will recommend you to all of my friends and neighbors!

    I will recommend you to all of my friends and neighbors! People who interested in duct cleaning this is the company you should go with.

  • Kim L.
    wrote on

    (5) Great service.

    Great service. Guys we're very professional and I am very happy with my new uv air purifier that I bought on top of duct cleaning!

  • Ron K.
    wrote on

    (5) Amazing service!

    Amazing service! Guys completed job in 3 hours!! Everything was nice and clean.. I will consider them to change my water heater! Thanks Larry!

  • Melissa M.
    wrote on

    (5) I have been using them for a few years now.

    I have been using them for a few years now. Their service continues to be perfect. Their service Techs are prompt, professional. I will continue to use them and recommend them.

  • Mike S.
    wrote on

    (5) Guys were very clean and professional.

    Everything was done as it was described. Guys were very clean and professional. Will use them again next year.

  • Justin R.
    wrote on

    (5) You are in the right place

    If you are looking for a good, reliable company with fair pricing, then you are in the right place. Thank you Larry.

  • Nick C.
    wrote on

    (5) I definitely feel the difference.

    Was very impressed when guys found my wallet in one of the vents! Stan did a great job! He also installed me a UV light and I love it. I definitely feel the difference. Thanks.

  • Alex B.
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you guys.

    I was planning to change AC only, but Alex explained to me that it's better to change furnace as well, because that way I will get all rebates.. and it made perfect sense to me! Now I am a happy owner of new Infinity system! Thank you guys.

  • Val B.
    wrote on

    (5) Our service today was excellent!

    Our service today was excellent! Thanks, Alex! We had the AC check done and an estimate given on a hot water heater replacement and we were very satisfied. Alex was straight forward and thorough on the information. Thank you!

  • Amir Z.
    wrote on

    (5) Great Service!!

    Great Service!! The level of quality is really superb. I have tried what they are offering for a few times already and so far, I have no regrets or whatsoever. They are definitely amazing.

  • Ronald R.
    wrote on

    (5) They did an amazing job

    We had Green Air out to clean our dryer vent and we so glad we did. They did an amazing job and were prompt and professional.

  • Rinat A.
    wrote on

    (5) Great company!

    Great company! Everything went perfect for me! Will use them again next year!

  • Roman A.
    wrote on

    (5) These guys are amazing - 5 stars definitely!

    These guys are amazing - 5 stars definitely! Great communication, on time! Really glad I took time to look around and find this company.

  • Ashley T.
    wrote on

    (5) Great company and super reliable

    Great company and super reliable. Timely and the people that work for them are super nice. Would highly recommend using them!

  • Alfredo V.
    wrote on

    (5) Green Air is the best company to go with

    Thank you Larry! Stan did a great job at my house! For all others can say only that Green Air is the best company to go with.

  • Viktor P.
    wrote on

    (5) You are amazing!!

    Wow!!! I am shocked how easy it was.. Honestly I thought it will take couple days... But Installer did his job in 4-5 hours!!! Thank you guys!! You are amazing!! And thanks for additional discount!!!

  • Igor K.
    wrote on

    (5) Great company, honest guys

    Great company, honest guys. Respectful, clean, on time. A little pricey - but you get what you pay for. They did a wonderful job. Highly recommended. A+

  • Alexander R.
    wrote on

    (5) They performed a perfect job

    They performed a perfect job on our Air duct cleaning and sanitizing for a very good price. Appointment was easy to schedule and at the time, which was convenient for me. I would definitely recommend their services to my friends, family and colleagues

  • Rita K.
    wrote on

    (5) Love these guys!

    Love these guys! I called on Tuesday afternoon and they were out here same day! They are super easy to get in touch with, on time, friendly, professional and clean!

  • Harry M.
    wrote on

    (4) Great price!!!!!! Great people.

    First off.........I FULLY EXPECTED them to come out and check other things and suggest more work. Frankly, most people probably need the work actually done they recommend since most will put things off. I know I did. I bought the Amazon Local deal simply for a dryer vent cleaning but they checked my a/c unit too and said the freon was at half and it needed a cleaning badly.......which it did. Erik B and Sergay were suggestive and surprisingly straight forward and as honest as I could peg them to be seeing I'm not fluent in HVAC........but I'm no dummy either. As a network engineer and one who pretty much does everything repair job myself, whether it be home or auto, I have a good idea of how to fact check people. I just don't get screwed. These guys changed appt time at first without notice 3 weeks ago, kind of irritating but oh well......and I thought they were going to blow me off today too. They didn't. No biggie. Erik B and Sergay were great and should be at least heard when they recommend. Friendly and seemingly good guys. They did start HIGH on the quote but then worked with me and my budget. Will be calling them annually for dryer vent cleaning. Great price!!!!!! Great people. THANKS GREEN AIR FOR COMING ALL THE WAY DOWN TO BOLINGBROOK FROM SCHAUMBURG 4 Stars though for being untimely on first appt.

  • Alana B.
    wrote on

    (5) Thanks everyone!

    My experience with Green Air Care was a long winded one, but worthwhile. I had initially purchased a groupon for an AC Tune up, which I had never known was supposed to happen on a more regular basis. I was happy that I was able to make an appointment right away and didn't have to compromise my schedule. The Green Air team came in on my appointment and looked at my system. John was very detailed and went through step by step what he was looking at. He showed me several pictures of my system which showed a huge buildup of dust and mold that I had no idea even existed! Long story short, I ended up having the team do a deep clean of my vent systems, and it looked fantastic after! The only set back was that there was a tiny hiccup in the process which required a follow up appointment the following day. Eric B. came to my place the next day as promised to fix the rest of the A/C and get it to working order. I noticed an immediate change and he was very detailed on the various components I could add to my system to make it better and last longer. I didn't end up going with the additional UV product, but really appreciated the dedicated service that he provided me. He really made me feel that he was doing all in his power to make sure that I was 100% satisfied with my service, which I was. I am very happy with the service provided and especially so given it was my first big A/C maintenance. I would recommend their services again. Thanks everyone!

  • Ariel B
    wrote on

    (5) Would hire them any time moving forward!

    Just wanted to share my experience with Green Air Care team. They came to install my Air Conditioner and did it with high professionalism. Guys are very knowledgeable and quick. Would hire them any time moving forward!

  • Mike G.
    wrote on

    (5) Great company.

    Great company great service got big HVAC job done.

  • Steve Z I
    wrote on

    (5) I was extremely satisfied with the service provided

    Was initially a bit hesitant about hiring Green Air Care based upon the yelp reviews... 3 1/2 stars is fairly low in my opinion. However, I did hire them... and I was extremely satisfied with the service provided and would highly recommend them for anyone looking to have their furnace and ductwork cleaned. The whole process was flawless... When I called on the phone for ", the woman who answered provide me a detailed overview of the process, a detailed price quote, and a reasonable timeframe window of when the workers would arrive at my home. A team of two workers came, and they were extremely knowledgeable and polite... They were careful to not drag their ladders across our hardwood floors and not to bump their equipment into our white walls. The whole process took less than two hours, and there were before and after photos taken to show just how much cleaner the ducts were after the process. The workers also replaced my furnace air filters upon my request. Additionally, they noticed that the filter on our humidifier had not been changed and was collecting, I believe, calcium deposits... They recommended a replacement in order to prevent damage, and not to use the humidifier until the new filter was in place. Overall, I was extremely satisfied. Although I received quotes for a lower price, I am definitely comfortable with the service I received for the price paid. For what it's worth, Green Air Care is also NADCA certified, and the lower-priced service providers were not. I should also say that I initially planned to use Stanley Steamers... apparently they can clean ductwork and not just carpets. I had a team come out to give me a quote, but when the actual team came out to do the cleaning, their equipment would not work on my furnace. Needless to say, I was quite annoyed... But that's what I get for trying to hire a carpet cleaning business to clean my HVAC ducts.

  • Sara Z
    wrote on

    (5) Great job

    Great job, excellent service.

  • Shirley D
    wrote on

    (5) Was very pleasant experience

    Was very pleasant experience. Priced right. Job well done so we are very happy.

  • Jim L
    wrote on

    (5) Good company to work with.

    Good company to work with. Easy to get in touch, good service overall.

  • Drew T.
    wrote on

    (5) They did a great job!

    They did a great job! Showed up on time and did everything they had quoted.

  • Ana J
    wrote on

    (5) They did a fantastic job with my house.

    My placed needed some major air duct cleaning. They did a fantastic job with my house. No complaints here! Thumbs up for Green Air Care from me!

  • Don B
    wrote on

    (5) Highly recommend.

    We called around and only Green Air Care responded within minutes. Literally. Great service for a reasonable price! Highly recommend.

  • Dean K.
    wrote on

    (5) Great experience

    I used Green Air care for the AC tune-up. Making an appointment was very easy to do. Staff was very pleasant to work with. The guys that came out were very nice and professional. I ended up also installing a UV light for my system and very pleased. Overall – great experience.

  • Jiana P.
    wrote on

    (5) I would recommend him.

    I purchased the deep air cleaning from green air care for 189, this was my first time having my home serviced and I was a little skeptical because I didn't know much about duct cleaning. Miguel came to my home in the green air truck. He was friendly and polite. He explained to me the services he was providing and did a great job! I would recommend him and this company to anyone looking to have their ducts cleaned as well!

  • Denis K.
    wrote on

    (5) Technician was very professional and very nice!

    I had multiple options to choose from, but I am lucky that I went with this company. Technician was very professional and very nice! He found my wallet in one of the floor vents that I thought I lost long time ago! Thank you guys and I will recommend you to all of my friends. And special thanks to Erik for finding my wallet!

  • Andrew R.
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you for doing a good job!

    After Living in our Apartment for 9 years. It NEVER dawned on me to clean Air Ducts. Until my daughters doctor suggested it because she had so many breathing problems. I am glad I found these guys. I spoke with Larry over the phone and he explained everything in detail how this process works. They came, they cleaned and just like that, I could instantly feel myself breathing in better air! I wish I would've find them years ago. Thank you for doing a good job!

  • Aleksandr Z
    wrote on

    (5) Was so easy to book

    Excellent service. Was so easy to book and get them out here to get all the services done. They inspected our Furnace and AC free of charge and we actually may use them later to replace our entire HVAC system.

  • Roma S.
    wrote on

    (5) I am pleased with their customer response.

    I was recently contacted by this company and offered a full refund of $150 for my previous purchase. I did indeed receive the check. While I didn't enjoy the services provided, I am pleased with their customer response.

  • Alisa M.
    wrote on

    (5) I will highly recommend GAC to any one

    Very happy with the service!!! These gentlemen came out to clean the furnace and the ducts at my newly bought house, my small business and my parents condo. All three furnaces work like new. I will highly recommend GAC to any one.

  • Victoria G.
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you.

    As follow up to my review, I was contacted by a new member of this company who is now in charge of customer and public relations. He apologized for the service I received, and is refunding me the cost of the voucher I bought from Living Social together with costs to repair my wall. My change in rating is for his customer service and for responding to my initial review. Thank you.

  • Danielle H.
    wrote on

    (5) Very professional

    I had this company come out to my house last week to clean the air ducts in my house. Even from the beginning when I first set my appointment they were very professional and was scheduled within a week. I was very impressed with their service and how well they explained to me what was wrong and what they needed to do to fix it. I needed to have a deeper cleaning and the price that was given to me was very reasonable. They made sure that everything worked properly before leaving my house. I would recommend this company to anyone who may need to have their vents cleaned in the future.

  • Robert S.
    wrote on

    (5) Very professional

    I am very very pleased with the service that Green Air Care has provided the young man Alex was very professional great personality and on time for service and everything was done in a timely manner not often do you run across a company that provides outstanding service and has amazing employees but Green Air Care does they were outstanding and I highly recommend them to everyone looking for a company for duct cleaning I am very happy with my service and will be using this company for future services.

  • Annie L
    wrote on

    (5) Great service!

    The service I received was outstanding! The gentlemen who did the work was professional and respectful! I work from home and he was very attentive to my location in house and noise. He was on time! And explained the process to me and made me feel comfortable what he was doing. He left no mess at all! Great service!

  • Noel D.
    wrote on

    (5) I would definitely recommend Green Air Care.

    I chose Green Air Care because of a coupon I found on Amazon. Matt and another guy came to clean our vents, returns and sanitized. They were very detailed and showed me each step of the job. At the same time, we had a leak on our AC. Eric came to check it out and he was very knowledgeable. Having a Type A personality, I have to know every detail of the job. To make a long story short, I was very SATISFIED with his work. He did not cut corners, communicated very well and gave EXCELLENT customer service. All in all, I would definitely recommend Green Air Care for your air duct cleaning and HVAC services. THANK YOU FOR THE STELLAR CUSTOMER SERVICE, FOR GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND TO MAKE THIS CUSTOMER HAPPY!

  • M B.
    wrote on

    (5) I'm much happier now that I was reimbursed my $39

    I'm much happier now that I was reimbursed my $39. They offered to come out and do another cleaning for free, since I don't believe they used the main HVAC tool. Due to my schedule, I opted for the refund. I'm sure some of their workers are better than others, so maybe I would have had a better experience with someone else?

  • Steven N.
    wrote on

    (5) Erik was exceptional

    Erik was exceptional. They performed their work in a professional manner and completed the job on time. They also suggested some other issues that needed to be addressed and did not push you into a hard sell. I would recommend them to anyone in need of this type of repair and service.

  • Michele G.
    wrote on

    (5) Extremely professional manner from start to finish.

    They took before and after photographs at my request on site so I could see the differences. I think they worked with me in an extremely professional manner from start to finish.

  • Sensen L.
    wrote on

    (5) I got the impression that they do actually care

    This is to update my review. Just couple days after my review, their customer service contacted me, apologized for my experience, and offered to refund the extra fee they charged for the deep cleaning. I just received the refund. I did not ask about the noise I hear from one of the ducts. I doubt it's an easy fix and I don't want to deal with any more damage. The person I talked to was very apologetic. I got the impression that they do actually care. So I'm changing my ratings.

  • Benjamin T.
    wrote on

    (5) They were professional and courteous

    Two guys from Green Air Care showed up and they were professional and courteous. They did all the cleaning without having the front door open, which is nice since the weather has been very cold lately. They did a good job of cleaning the vents and the dryer one as well. We did get the up selling offer that others mentioned in their reviews. However, we deemed it necessary as the furnace was indeed very dusty and the main vent had sticky dust. We opted to get it sanitize and cleaning of the furnace. They did have to cut two holes in the basement vent to get this done. After they were done, one end has a plastic plug and the other end had a metal plating sealed shut with tape. Overall, I think air quality has gotten better since last month. I find myself sneezing less.

  • Edward F.
    wrote on

    (5) Work courteously and quickly.

    Technician showed up on time, did the work courteously and quickly.

  • carolp.724
    wrote on

    (5) Provided the detailed report

    He inspected the AC unit and provided the detailed report on how much it will cost and why. Later, he suggested options and I chose to move with new unit that costed be less than 3,000 and less maintenance.

  • Kevin F
    wrote on

    (5) Green Air Care's service has helped me keep a great-looking home

    I purchased the whole-house cleaning package ($349) as part of spring cleaning to prep my home for sale, after contacting multiple companies and comparison-shopping. From my initial calls to get information about the service, to the follow-ups and scheduling, to the actual service call, everything went very smoothly, and I've very satisfied with the results.ASHLEY helped me decide to go with Green Air Care by providing good information about the services included in the package. STAN showed up on-time on the appointment date, took very good care not to dirty or damage the house (the service was completed after I'd already completed interior painting and floor replacement), and was very efficient in his work.The proof is in the results. I can see a very noticeable difference in the amount of dust that I pick up from surfaces in my regular cleaning. Green Air Care's service has helped me keep a great-looking home that will hopefully attract a buyer soon

  • Ashley T.
    wrote on

    (5) They did an amazing job

    I never knew how much dust was in my vents until green air care came out! They did an amazing job and were very professional and knowledgeable about the products and services that they offer. The technician Stas was very friendly and personable!! I was beyond impressed and will definitely be referring them to friends and family!

  • LouAnn H
    wrote on

    (5) I am very pleased

    I am very pleased with the kind and professional services rendered today by Green AirCare. A company that actually did what they promised to do at the price they quoted. My air vents and duct system were in severe need of attention. Seeing the before compared to the after was quite the transformation. I am expecting my dusting/cleaning time is going to severely go down. They air flow is much better also. Miguel found a few treasures too... A match box car and half a plastic Easter egg lol. Probably been there 20 yrs. I found an ad which listed they were insured, bonded and BBB rated. So glad I did this.

  • Kurt U.
    wrote on

    (5) Would recommend to family and friends

    Green air care did a very good job of cleaning my vents. would recommend to family and friends

  • Naseer H
    wrote on

    (5) Finished in one day installation

    Really fast service, finished in one day installation. Great service, check up after installation.

  • Joel P.
    wrote on

    (5) The technicians did a professional job.

    We hired them to install an Electric Furnace and A/C Condenser which the technicians did a professional job of installing the units. They threw in a complimentary HVAC cleaning and Installed a UV Air Purification System on the Furnace. In addition, their customer service is very professional and good about giving us updates to make sure we were kept in the loop. I would definitely recommend this company. Not the cheapest but definitely worth it considering they use quality products and do quality work. Also they Extended my product warranty to 10 years and offered me 12 Years warranty on labor. Hard to beat that deal for the price we paid.

  • Brenda S
    wrote on

    (5) Great people, great service.

    Green Air Care has truly took me by surprise. Being a new home owner I had very little knowledge about ducts/furnaces and other miscellaneous appliances found around the house. Ashley, the customer service rep, explained everything so kindly and patiently about all the services they offered and helping me come to a decision. The day of the service they arrived at the time they have told me and the technician who's name I believed to be Elly did such an amazing cleaning on the ducts around the house. As well as doing great work he also went over different things that could be serviced in my house that I wasn't sure about. Great people, great service.

  • Cindi M.
    wrote on

    (5) Friendly, knowledgeable, honest and thorough

    I am glad I researched this service and found Green Air Care - they have been nothing but friendly, knowledgeable, honest and thorough. Maybe they had issues before and worked on them to make it better - all I know is I have recommended them to four people in the last week. Be realistic - if your vents are awful (mine were - I have two furnaces) you should expect to pay $300 or so, but so well worth it. The smaller quotes or discounts that are advertised are really for those people that do keep up on their heating and air systems. This service in general is NOT a cheap process. And you want to be sure it is done right.I noticed a different immediately (literally when they left) in how much better the airflow was coming through the vents. I noticed in a week so that my house wasn't gathering the layer of dust I was so used to that would resurface only after a day or two of dusting. I am confident that we will ALL notice a change in air quality.

  • Lisa B.
    wrote on

    (5) Thanks again for a job well done!

    Our vents were pretty bad. The gentleman that came did an amazing job. He was very thorough, friendly and was very clean. I would definitely recommend this company. Thanks again for a job well done!

  • Mike B.
    wrote on

    (5) They did an excellent and timely job

    We hired them because they were the best price advertised, and we're very relieved to find the crew very professional and friendly. They did an excellent and timely job.

  • Carey I
    wrote on

    (5) Good service.

    Good service.

  • Sarah Surburb
    wrote on

    (5) Excellent service!

    Elder and George, Excellent service!

  • Sean C.
    wrote on

    (5) They were very professional

    They were very professional, quick and efficient.

  • Gennady S
    wrote on

    (5) Very professional.

    Very professional. They were prompt, courteous and really knew their work

  • Deborah T.
    wrote on

    (5) I was happy with the service

    Very professional, clean and provided the service I had expected. Seemed knowledgeable and I was happy with the service.

  • Brooke B.
    wrote on

    (5) Very nice, hardworking guys.

    Very nice, hardworking guys. They took extra time and care to make sure not to dirty the carpet while bringing in the heavy machinery.

  • Kim M.
    wrote on

    (5) Happy with this company.

    Happy with this company. Great customer service and follow up. I purchased the Living Social deal and had them clean my duct work. My House smelled AMAZING afterwards. The only thing I Didn't like is that some of the duct cleaning sanitizing Solution ended up on my basement floor but my floors aren't Carpeted so no big deal. They showed us the years of debris They pulled out of the ducts... Eek!! I no longer have Problems with my allergies since they've been cleaned. Previously My nose would react whenever the heat kicked on. We also Purchased the UV light and happy we did. I don't Know what the going rate is for the package we got but it Was well worth it to us. This company is great in terms Of follow up and confirming or rescheduling appointments When necessary. They cancelled on me once due to inclement weather But no big deal since they are driving from IL to WI. The staff is wonderful, professional and always pleasant. I enjoy Doing business with this company. I don't understand all the negative Reviews. If you don't want to purchase anything beyond the Living Social deal, then don't. We did and we are happy with our Purchase and the warranty. Well worth it.

  • Arpan S.
    wrote on

    (4) Thank you very much.

    I use this company to have my return vents cleaned out because the Groupon didn't cover everything for example the return vents. I paid a lot of money for it and they did reschedule saying that they didn't have a truck or technician called in sick some excuses very similar to other reviews that I have read. Anyways I'm glad it was finally over when the events were clean and he left my furnace extremely dirty and the filter was extremely dirty as well as some other reviews have pointed out. My furnace stopped operating within days of that cleaning because the fan/blower was clogged up. I had to get a new blower put on is the furnace went out into a.m. before the coldest weather hit Chicago. Long story short they were unavailable to fix the blower so I had another company do it and then a pipe is frozen and later it burst. I have to put my tenants up in a hotel for 2 to 3 nights and I have not been to work into or three days trying to find somebody to fix my pipes. How is this legal? I called the company and they said turnaround time is at least a week for some claim form I had to fill out and get notarized. Usually notary services are withheld for financial instruments and so on and legal documents. This reminds me of that movie the rainmaker where they just make it very difficult to get something through. I will be contacting my attorney if there is no resolution to this matter. Just looking at the other reviews makes me very infuriated as to how many people are getting screwed over by these folks. I got a call from a new department for quality service at green and they refunded the charge. That's what I wanted. I wasn't trying to make them pay for everything they caused. I appreciate the gesture and have therefore given it a 4 star. It means a lot when a company cares about feedback. Thank you very much.

  • Chang Wolar
    wrote on

    (5) He clearly explained the problems with my furnace

    My 15 year old furnace died early Sunday morning. I called Quality because of their great reviews online. Their phone recording gave an emergency phone number, which was answered immediately. I called at 8:30AM, and 2 hours later Adam arrived at my house to check out my furnace. He clearly explained the problems with my furnace, gave me estimates to both repair and replace it, and discussed the pros and cons of repair vs. replace. Due to the age of the furnace and cost to repair, I decided to replace it. Adam followed up later that day with a written proposal via email which I accepted. Since I was without heat, and Adamn committed to replace the furnace the next day, I did not get competitive bids for the furnace replacement, but the bid price seemed to reasonable. On Monday Adam returned with a crew of two other men and installed the new furnace. The furnace he selected fit perfectly into the small space available, installation went smoothly, and they cleaned up well before leaving. The new furnace works great. I couldn't be happier with Quality

  • Lena L.
    wrote on

    (5) They can serve and understand you fluently

    They can serve and understand you fluently in at least three different languages.

  • Amberli C.
    wrote on

    (5) I was so impressed!

    These guys left my house about an hour ago- and I was so impressed! I was skeptical before their visit because of the mixed reviews and because their price was so very much lower than another company quoted me. I had no reason to worry, Miguel and Alex took care of what we needed and did it in a professional and clean manner. Miguel wore shoe slippers every time he entered the house. I have a small home and they were walking in and out of the kitchen so they could get to the basement and I was baking. Every time Miguel would walk past he would apologize and say excuse me, carrying his instruments at a distance and with care not to make a mess. They vacuumed their mess as they went leaving me with nothing to clean up yet apologizing for the dust they "kicked-up." They did what was described as a deep clean on the valupak coupon with no added costs: my bill was exactly the amount I had anticipated. They had some trouble with one of my main return vents so they had to cut a hole to access the thirty years worth of grime in it. He apologized for having to make the whole, but he repaired the hole to my satisfaction: I was happy to know they went the extra mile and made the hole to ensure that they could get the job done to such an extent. I am very happy with my service and I will be calling them next year for a quick service although Miguel assured me it was so clean I could probably wait longer than a year. Thank-you Green Aircare!

  • Chris F.
    wrote on

    (5) They were friendly and informative.

    The owner and sales persons are great. They were friendly and informative.

  • Noah Idahosa
    wrote on

    (5) Green Air Care is a fantastic company

    GreenAir installed our heating system in our home back in October 2014, and it has worked to perfection. We paid a little extra to get "two zones" of heat, but the money was well spent. Yan and its team worked efficiently and courteously. They removed and reconfigured some of the previous heating ducts, and they moved our water heater to a better location a few feet away. Basically they did a great job. We needed to call them back a few days after because one of the thermostats had been set too close to a door jamb and I couldn't replace the batteries. I called them at 9:30 in the morning, and their team (Leo and Adam) came out at 11:30 AM the same day and moved the thermostat housing over an inch. Everything works perfectly now. Guys were knowledgeable and courteous and got the job done within a very short period of time. Green Air Care is a fantastic company: good and skillful staff; courteous and on time; and reliable. If you ever need help with heating, Green Air is the place to go.

  • Jiilian Casablancas
    wrote on

    (5) Could not be more thrilled with their services.

    Absolutely phenomenal. Shmulik and his coworker came to clean out my duct and furnace with a deep clean service. He was incredibly knowledgeable and a true professional at his craft. Customer service was top notch. He walked me through and showed me everything he was doing in detail, and kept me in loop on everything. He even did a furnace and AC inspection for free! Just fantastic. I will be scheduling an AC tune up and acid cleaning very soon with them. Could not be more thrilled with their services.

  • April G
    wrote on

    (5) Nice job!

    Eric and Patrick from Green Air Care came out to repair my AC unit. The diagnostics check was performed by Victor. Eric was systematic in his review of the unit, he looked at every single piece to ensure all parts were working properly. If he found something, he brought it to our attention and he and Patrick explained to us how all of the parts worked together. Eric's main focus was ensuring we were satisfied and pleased with the service. They both made me feel comfortable with the information they were providing though my husband totally understood it :-). My husband is a very hard man to please, however Patrick was able to win him over initially and Eric by the end of the job. I also really appreciated receiving a call when they were runnning a bit past the scheduled time. I was okay with it because they came out on short notice to perform a diagnostics test a few days before. I would definitely reccomend this company to others. Based on the previous reviews, it seems new management has definitely taken action to turn things around. Nice job!

  • Gualberto V.
    wrote on

    (5) They did a good job

    They did a good job. They checked everything to make sure the machine was working properly. Thanks.

  • Joanne S
    wrote on

    (5) Next year we will use them again for annual cleaning of the system.

    I have purchased a coupon for Deep Air Duct Cleaning for Green Air Care for my mother's house. She has never had her ducts cleaned and the furnace was a mess. When the team came out, they took their time to evaluate the system, they did a full inspection and besides cleaning the ducts, ended up changing out the entire system. We got a very good price for the system, as we did have prior quotes for furnace replacement and this one from Green Air Care was really the best one for the value. It was not the cheapest, but it included deep air duct cleaning with sanitation of the ducts, as well as in-duct UV light system which alone cost hundreds of dollars. Next year we will use them again for annual cleaning of the system.

  • Frank K
    wrote on

    (5) Was very happy with the job performed.

    They were very polite,on time.They got right to work when they finished they went over everything they did. Was very happy with the job performed.

  • Noah I.
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you Dennis

    I set up annual inspection and service for two heating units. One in Chicago and one in Riverwoods. They dispatched Dennis over to do both. He arrived within the allotted window, was very courteous, put on his booties and got to work. One heater was in the attic so he had to climb up and work in a small space there. The second was in a large storage area and much easier to get to. While he was there he tested the system and offered to install new filters, which I agree and new life time electrostatic filters were ordered. Arrived within 5 days and are great by the way. He was done within about 30 minutes of the first unit and then we both drove to Riverwoods to have the second one looked at. It also took about 30 minutes. Everything checked out fine and there were no additional charges. Thank you Dennis.

  • Bee Harris
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you Leo! Until next year!

    What a great experience with Leo and his crew. We had all the air ducts cleaned as well as the blower motor. Because I booked an appointment in May, he threw in the cleaning of our dryer duct - which was apparently badly needed. We've lived in our home for 17 years and we've never had the ducts cleaned before. So you can only imagine how dirty they were. We were in shock when we saw all the dirt. I spoke to 4 Season, and another service provider who was heavily-discounted by way of coupon. I chose Green Air Care on the basis of referrals, and I have no regrets whatsoever. I very highly recommend these guys. On time, fast, clean, very helpful, and billed me what was originally quoted - no more, no less. You can't ask for much more. Thank you Leo! Until next year!

  • Casy Johnson
    wrote on

    (5) Short and sweet.

    Short and sweet. Couldn't have been easier to work with and very happy with the job and price. They scheduled my appointment quickly, kept in good communication and arrived when they said, the dryer vent looks great and the price was very reasonable. Adam, the technician that was sent out, was very polite, did the job quickly & effectively and they left the area even cleaner than it was when they started. Will absolutely use again, thank you Green Air Care team!

  • Steve P.
    wrote on

    (5) I would highly recommend them.

    About two weeks ago I called Green Air to check out our heater problem. The heater would work on our first and second floors but it didn't work at all on the third floor where all the bedrooms are. It's fine during the summer, but the winter gets a little cold. Dennis and Leo came over and went through the house and examined the actual heater and all of its ducts under the house. Eventually, they found out we were heating up our attic. They quoted us a fair price to redo the one duct in the attic. They came back the next day, on time, with materials, and fixed everything within the time frame they gave me. Green Air Care Group were professional and wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend them.

  • Michell Archibald
    wrote on

    (5) This company is a keeper for all our house needs!

    This would possibly be a 5 but this was a simpler call-out (a maintenance checkup of our heater). That said, they're coming out again to see about a water heater (more complex) so I can up the stars after that! But the appointment today was great experience. Adam was the tech who came out. Called as promised 30 minutes in advance, arrived on time, was efficient and friendly and did a thorough inspection/maintenance of the unit. Based on today, and if the water heater goes as planned, this company is a keeper for all our house needs!

  • Selwyn P.
    wrote on

    (5) Will definitely call Green Air to do the job.

    Dennis came out as scheduled, assessed the A/C and then had one of their tech guys back out later with the parts to fix the issue. They were always honest about the condition of our unit and explained what may be to come because of its age. I was very satisfied and the A/C is blowing cold like it should now. We are probably going to change the entire unit next summer and will definitely call Green Air to do the job. We had few quotes from others from last summer, but we want to go with the company we already trust.

  • Joanne S.
    wrote on

    (5) Thumbs up to Green Air Care.

    I have had my air ducts cleaned by Green Air Care and wanted to share that the guys did a great job. I know normally people only go to Yelp share negative experiences and I feel it's unfair, as most people who get service done well, do not go and share how happy they were. I normally do not leave many reviews, but wanted to let the world know that we are happy with service. The crew that came out was professional and very friendly. The job took over 2 hours and everything was done well, as expected. They used a blue negative pressure machine for the cleaning. We were also introduced to AeroSeal, which we decided not to do at this time, but will certainly consider, as it seems amazing. Thumbs up to Green Air Care.

  • Deepa R
    wrote on

    (5) We would recommend them!

    We had our AC, Furnace and water heater installed. The staff cleaned the air ducts and installed the system in a professional manner. They kept us informed and we were happy about their service. We would recommend them!

  • Scott G.
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you green air.

    well, the other day I got a call from the people at green air care with an apology for the poor service that was reviewed above, the woman explained that they are now under new management and all of the people in question that had allowed that poor service and questionably ethical practices have been let go. Good start! The caller then apologized again and stated that they would like to refund the $39 I spent on the voucher through amazon local, and hoped she could get my business back. Very nice gesture, check just arrived in the mail with another apology. I do appreciate the effort to rectify really poor service. I will upgrade to 3 stars for that effort. will I use them again? I honestly cant say, but will consider it when the time comes. Thank you green air.

  • Juan P.
    wrote on

    (5) Green Air has good, honest, reliable technicians.

    Green Air has good, honest, reliable technicians. Adam sent his technicians on time with all their equipment. They work very careful and explains everything to you. Whatever they will be doing and what you should be doing. Great job! They cost more than other duct cleaners that I have called, but they were very efficient. We paid more than our coupon offered, but we really did need the deep cleaning of our system and it was clear once we saw the open ducts. It's hard to get appointments, better call ahead.

  • Ivan Bellford
    wrote on

    (5) they were very professional

    The new owner is turning this company around. I had two guys come out and clean my air ducts, and they were very professional. They were also respectful of my house, and great with my cat and dog.

  • Selwyn P
    wrote on

    (5) Very professional. Thanks again!!!

    We have used Green Air Care the last couple summers and have been satisfied ever since! Leo is always honest, has fair prices, and like others have mentioned here, does not try to up sell you on anything. If you are having ac troubles, you do not need to look anywhere else. Very professional. Thanks again!!!

  • Michell A
    wrote on

    (5) Stellar Company

    Stellar Company. I can't say enough great about them. Everyone i interacted with was a pleasure to work with. They were responsive on phone and email, on time, clean, friendly, and provided all kinds of helpful advice for unrelated systems in my house. They were great about working with my old HVAC system which has a few issues i can't afford to fix yet. From what I can tell, their prices are reasonable. I wouldn't hesitate to call them again, and, most importantly, i have cold air in the house now.

  • Selwyn P.
    wrote on

    (5) I wish I could give 10 stars!

    This is my first ever review on a business and I wish I could give 10 stars! My A/C unit went out on Saturday night and after getting a quote of $9000 for a new A/C unit and some other bogus repairs, I decided to get another opinion. Green Air has been one of the best decisions I've made. I worked with Yan and he was WONDERFUL. He explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it. He was absolutely awesome and made such a terrible situation pleasant. I will be recommending this business to all of my family members, friends and neighbors. All of the positive reviews are definitely true and well deserved.

  • Joanne Silatei
    wrote on

    (5) Go Green Air!

    We saw a Green Air truck on the road and scheduled a service date. The team that came out to install our Furnace was very technical and professional. They worked almost an entire day to ensure that all was properly installed. We were shown how to use our new system. Guys left the house clean as they found it. The furnace works really well and keeps our house warm and comfortable. We have since that recommend green air to others and will continue to do so. Go Green Air!

  • Kendall Evans
    wrote on

    (5) At this time we are set on Quality and give them 5 stars.

    Erik's team came out to do the duct cleaning work for us based on the coupon we purchased from Living Social. The guys were very professional and courteous. Erik identified some of the problems with our furnace and recommended we do deep cleaning and coil cleaning which we did. Since then our system is working very efficiently and noticeably better. Guys do use very good equipment and overall know what they are doing. Especially with the price of the coupon, you can't go wrong on this service. We never have done duct cleaning in our place, but after seeing the job being done and what comes out of the ducts we are convinced that this should be done once a year. We did our research and got multiple quotes before. At this time we are set on Quality and give them 5 stars.

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